Alloy wheel refurbishment limitations

Although we are always positive about the way we approach our work unfortunately as we are a refurbishing company, by its very nature we are not dealing with brand new cast alloys. Dependent on the age of your wheels and the condition in which we receive them it may not be possible for us to carry out an as new repair. Alloy wheels can take some real punishment with driving habits, chemicals and particularly corrosion; some of this underlying damage cannot be seen until the alloy wheel has gone through the chemical stripping process. Obviously we will never repair an alloy that would be unsafe for you to use.

Diamond Cut Wheels

The repair process of a diamond cut alloy wheel involves removing small amounts of alloy from the face of the diamond cut wheel, there is a limit to the amount of times that this can be carried out. Our highly skilled technicians will be able to advise you on each of your alloys, it is unsafe to remove too much alloy from your wheel so we can always offer you an alternative complete colour change such as a chrome, mirror or ghost chrome effect. Of course, you can always choose your own colour see colour options here.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and metal valves

As part of our service we replace all valves where they are disposable. Some manufacturers fit metal valves to their wheels, these are often prone to corrosion (steel meeting alloy) but can normally be removed and refitted as long as they are serviceable and undamaged, from time to time they may need replacing at an extra cost. We are committed to transparent pricing for our customers and do not charge anymore than the cost price as supplied to us, this will be discussed as necessary.

TPMS systems may need to be reset, unfortunately we are unable to carry this out but your local garage should be able to advise on the process and cost involved.