Colour Choice

Helping you to make an informed decision on the colour options for your alloys

Wheel Revolution can refurbish you wheels to either match the original colour of the wheel or we can customise them with a colour of your choice. 95% of alloy wheels that we refurbish have a 3 coat painting system applied, 1st powder coat primer, 2nd wet or powder coat base colour then 3rd a very durable powder coat lacquer.

Standard Manufacturer Finishes

The second stage of this process is the colouring of the wheel and the 3rd stage is the finish (gloss, matt, satin, etc). If you require us to repair a single alloy wheel and to match the existing alloys its worth considering that there is no real 'standard' manufacturer colour to choose from. The actual colour can vary from vehicle to vehicle and changes over the years as manufacturers change paint brands and develop products. We will get as close a match as possible using our paint matching system but it may not be a 100% match.

Colour coding your wheels

As previously mentioned we can colour match your alloys to the existing colour on your vehicle. If you are at all concerned with the potential of a colour match of a single alloy on one side of the car then it is our advice to paint the second alloy on that side. This will eliminate any colour match issues.

Standard Colour Options

We have some great colours for you to choose from or for us to match your existing alloys, here is a selection of the colours included within the price. Click here to see examples.


  • German Silver
  • Sparkle Silver
  • Sports Silver (3 variations)


  • Gloss Black
  • Matt Black
  • Satin Black


  • Anthracite
  • Gun Metal

Other colours

  • Gloss White
  • Red
  • Orange


We can offer you a varied selection of chrome finishes for your alloy wheels, click here for some examples.

Centre Caps

If you have had your alloy wheels repaired then it is probable that your centre caps will need painting. We will happily repair and paint these for you but the process to do this is different to that of an alloy so a 100% colour match cannot be guaranteed as your alloys would have been powder coated and the centre caps wet painted - to get a complete match between the two is highly unlikely, but not something that you are going to notice.

If your centre caps require replacing, please speak to us before hand. We have been in the motor trade for many years and have connections to all of the main car manufacturers, in particular the parts department. We will not try to make money out of supplying centre caps, we will supply them at the cost price to us. Please bear in mind that they may need to be ordered in, plenty of notice will ensure they can be fitted at the time of your alloy repair.