Powder Coating

Full powder coating service

The wear and tear of regular driving can often leave wheels looking tired and damaged. Kerb bumps and scratches, chips from grit and stones and the general degradation caused by different weather conditions can all have an impact on the condition of your wheels. Here at Wheel Revolution we offer a full powder coating service for alloy wheels. The service, based in Ripley, Surrey, will restore your wheels to their best and leave them looking like new.

Why is powder coating better than spray painting?

When it comes to alloy wheels, we believe powder coating is a superior technique than spray painting for a number of reasons. Powder coating is an alternative to conventional wet paint and involves coating an item with dry powder that is later heated and cured in an oven to produce a hard, durable and attractive finish. A key difference between a conventional spray painting and powder coating is that the powder coating process does not entail the use of a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. This means powder coating has benefits from both a cost and environmental point of view.

The powder coating process

The powder coating process starts with us stripping off the tyre and valve to leave just the wheel, which is then pressure washed to remove any dirt and grit before being chemically dipped to strip away any old paint layers. Following this the powder coating is applied using compressed air. As it is forced through a nozzle it brushes past an electrode, which gives the powder a positive charge. The item being coated is grounded so the positive powder particles are attracted to it. After the wheel has been coated, we take it to a curing oven where it is heated. In the oven the powder doesn't just bake onto the surface, it undergoes a molecular change where each particle bonds with surrounding particles to form a single, seamless shell across the wheel. This coating is extremely high quality and durable - and is able to withstand the most extreme conditions, as well as resist scratches. We have found that alloy wheels that have been powder coated stand up better to chips from stones and other common road damage