Diamond Cutting

Diamond Cut Alloy Repairs

Many cars are now fitted with diamond cut alloy wheels either as an upgrade or fitted as standard, you can normally tell if you have a diamond cut wheel by looking very closely. If the face of the alloy is a very bright 'alloy / silver' colour and the sides of the spokes are a different colour then t is likely that they are DC alloys. You should also be able to see fine lines across each spoke caused by the cutting process.

Wheel Revolution are able to produce this exact finish for you by using a state of the art CNC lathe, it is not possible to produce this finish with a mobile repair - a mobile repair involves grinding away the damage and either painting the surface or simply re-polishing it back up. Once a DC alloy has been repaired using a mobile method it is very unlikely that it can ever be reversed and the DC alloy finish will be lost.

Corrosion in Diamond cut alloys is very common as there is only one layer of lacquer between the polished alloy surface and the outside elements. Because of this, the majority of alloy refurbishment companies do not guarantee diamond cut alloys, here at Wheel Revolution your alloy is covered by our exclusive guarantee, details can be found here.

A section of the repair process of a diamond cut alloy involves removing small amounts of alloy from the face of the wheel, this is what gives the bright alloy / machined effect. It is then powder coated with a clear, durable lacquer to ensure a quality and long lasting finish. Due to the removal of alloy from the wheel, there is a limit to the amount of times a wheel can be 'cut', more details can be found here but if our expert technicians deem your alloy to be unsuitable for cutting then you may decide to have a full colour change - this can be discussed at the time of booking.

Diamond cutting can be applied to the full face and lip of the wheel, combined with an application of base coat paint can produce some spectacular finishes.

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